Roof Painting

Transform your roof with our specialised roof painting service. We use high-quality paint to refresh your roof, protect it from the elements, and enhance it.
Our team of skilled technicians will use top-quality paint to improve your roof's aesthetic appeal and protect it from harsh weather conditions. With our roof painting service, you can expect a fresh, long-lasting finish that adds value to your property.

Roof Painting Service Details

Our Step-by-Step Roof Painting Process
Our expert roof painting service enhances the beauty and longevity of your roof, providing a fresh, vibrant appearance and robust protection against the elements.
We start by removing any dirt, debris, and loose paint from your roof to ensure a clean and smooth surface for painting.
Primer Application
We apply a high-quality primer to the cleaned roof, creating a strong bond between the paint and the roof surface, enhancing paint adhesion, and ensuring long-lasting results.
Top Coat Application
We apply two coats of roof membrane, in a colour of your choice, to the primed roof. The membrane acts as a water-resistant seal and provides protection against harsh weather conditions.
Quality Inspection
Our team of skilled technicians inspects the completed painting job to ensure that it meets our high standards for quality and appearance.
Final Clean-Up
We ensure your property is left neat and clean, with no traces of paint or debris. We leave your home looking better than ever, with a fresh and revitalised roof.

Roof Painting Benefits

Key Benefits of Roof Painting
Refresh the look of your home with our professional roof painting service, designed to protect your roof from the elements while enhancing its aesthetic appeal.
Enhanced Curb Appeal
Our expert roof painting transforms the appearance of your home, making it stand out with a fresh, vibrant look that adds value to your property.
Increased Roof Life
Our high-quality paint provides a protective layer that shields your roof from UV rays, harsh weather conditions, and natural wear and tear, prolonging its lifespan.
Cost-Effective Maintenance
Regular roof painting is an affordable way to maintain your roof's integrity and appearance, saving you money on extensive repairs or premature roof replacement.

Before and After

See the Transformation
View our featured before-and-after photo to witness the significant difference our expert roof services can make, showcasing the quality and effectiveness of our work.


Frequently Asked Questions
Have questions about our services? Explore our frequently asked questions section to find answers to common inquiries and learn more about how our expert services can benefit your roof.
Roof painting is essential to protect your roof from harmful elements such as UV rays, rain, and wind. A freshly painted roof can also increase your property's value by improving its appearance and curb appeal.
The frequency of roof painting varies depending on factors like the roof material, local climate, and quality of previous paintwork. However, it's typically recommended to repaint your roof every 10-15 years to maintain its protective qualities and appearance.
Most types of roofing materials can be painted, including metal, concrete, and terracotta tiles. However, the specific paint and primer used will vary depending on the roofing material. Our experienced team is knowledgeable in selecting the right products for your particular roof type.
The duration of a roof painting project depends on the size of your roof, the weather conditions, and the number of coatings needed. Generally, a typical roof painting job may take 2-3 days, including cleaning, priming, and applying multiple coats of paint.
While roof painting can provide an extra layer of protection against leaks, it is not a substitute for proper roof repairs. If your roof has existing damage or leaks, we recommend addressing those issues first. Our team can help you with a thorough roof inspection to identify and fix any problems before proceeding with painting.

Customer Reviews

Hearing from Our Happy Customers
Take a look at what some of our valued clients have to say about our top-notch roofing repair and restoration services and their experience working with us.
Kate Stephens
I could not be happier with the service from Dave and his team! We had a large tile roof cleaned, repaired and repainted in Nambucca Heads.
Craig Webber
Excellent service, very professional and very efficient. We have a white colour bond roof that was dirty and covered in lichen the boys did a great job, and the roof looks brand new.
Greg Meyers
From the moment they arrived, we knew we were in good hands. Excellent workmanship by a great team. Thanks, Dave, Darren, Andrew and Ryan. Highly recommend.

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